Windows 7 Hijacks OS-Tan

So, Microsoft finally released Windows 7, which can be summarised as “Vista without the suck.” The Japanese marketing campaign has a unique twist though, in order to tap into the OS-tan/moe fanbase.

Windows 7 OS-Tan, Nanami MadobeWhat are the OS-tans? Simply put, they’re cute, human representations of the various versions of Windows, Mac OS, etc. It started off years ago on a Japanese site called 2ch, where the continuous problems with Window ME was compared to a fickle, troublesome girl, and it grew from there. (You can even get models of them now).

So now, the first 7777 (groan…) copies of Windows 7 Ultimate DSP editions get a Windows 7 theme, featuring the officially endorsed W7 OS-tan, Nanami Madobe (whose name is a play on the Japanese words for “7” and “window”)

The whole thing is mostly a parody of Windows – eg the bust size is a representation of the amount of memory Windows needs, etc (thus XP and Vista have very large breasts), which is why, I suppose, that they made Madobe look like 2k-tan, who was always depicted at being intelligent, professional and above-all, stable.

Here are some videos of the theme (the voice actress is Nana Mizuki)

Man, that voice is annoying… especially when you hear the same damn thing over and over:


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