Playing Tyrian Again with OpenTyrian

Back in the day, I was addicted to a shoot ’em up called Tyrian. It was released back in ’95 by Epic MegaGames (though developed by Eclipse Productions). This morning I discovered that there is an open-source project to port this DOS classic to modern operating systems.

The OpenTyrian project has taken the original Turbo Pascal code written about 14 years ago and converted it to the more widely-supported C language, and have managed to get it to run on Window, Mac and Linux, so you have no excuse to not play this little gem 😉

The installation process was pretty straight-forward too. You download the OT files, download the Tyrian 2.1 files (links can be found on the OT site), then simply unzip the Tyrian 2.1 files into a directory called “data” in the main OT directory, and hey-presto! a blast from the past:


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