Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Meh.

Ignoring all the hype and bullshit surrounding the new CoD (I’m a cynic, so no game is going to give me orgasms, no matter what the PR guys say about it), I finally decided to play the game. And I’m not so sure why everyone is having circle jerks about it. Spoilers ahead.

The story takes place 5 years after the first one. The Ultranationalists still manage to take over Russia, and the one-armed bandit you killed in the first game is now a martyr and hero. You play various characters as shit hits the fan and you shoot lots of people, and 6 hours later the game ends. That’s pretty much it.

6 hours? Yep. And they’re charging HOW MUCH for the game? And what of the multiplayer? I’ll post a bit about that at the end. Anyway. Thank God I borrowed a friend’s copy instead of paying for it. And by “borrowed” I mean “copied from his hard drive”, because I refuse to be friends with someone who was stupid enough to cough up a ton of cash for a 6 hour single-player campaign.

An explosion. Wooh.

This is especially true when CoD 6 looks and feels like CoD 4. The graphics are similar just more polished (the environments are larger as well), the AI is just as retarded (I’m very sure they just used the one from Cod 4), the character animations are pretty much the same and the “What a tweest!” moments had the same feel (and thus became predictable). This is not a new game, this is a fucking expansion pack! I’m very sure the marketing guys realised this, so they cooked up the whole “controversial level” bullshit, so let talk about that for a bit.

Early in the game, you play an undercover CIA or whatever dude who is taken part in a terrorist attack on a Russian airport. Your “comrades” start gunning down civilians, and you can too. Note “can”, and not “must”. It’s purely optional, so it adds the only real “moral dilemma” into what is pretty much a very “durrr, us good everyone else not” game (don’t want to confuse all the consoletards, now do we?). But it’s not even much of a dilemma, because IT’S A GAME! Hell, I gunned everyone down just to see what the character animations were.

BUT OH, THE CONTROVERSY! You hear the moral outrage over the whole thing and you’d think that if your little darling children played that level, it’ll teach them to rape cats and eat babies or something. But anyway. It sold copies of the game, so IW doesn’t give a shit what people think.

As for my opinion of it – I thought it was a refreshing change. The developers tried to make it cinematic, and this looked like something straight out an action movie. However, instead of you just watching it, you actually get to be involved, and no matter what you do you can’t stop the outcome – America getting invaded by Russia. Hell, you help cause it.

The American levels were another thing I enjoyed, mainly because it was set in America, not some made-up Arab country or some remote part of Europe. However, the suburban levels irked me slightly – they looked so generically Hollywoodish with their large white houses and perfect yards, and there were no signs of the initial fighting. I mean, come on. Pissed-off Russians just invaded America and the army didn’t shoot civilians or shoot artillery into the neighbourhoods? Well, I suppose I can see why they didn’t make it too realistic. The “No Russian” airport level got enough flak, so God knows how people would have reacted if there were dead American civilians, not just “them stupid fahern’rs”.

Another thing that irked me about the American levels, and in the game in general, was that the AI used the same tactics whether you were fighting Russians, US troops (you do that later on, by the way) or terrorists. Hell they fought the same as the Arabs in CoD4. I mean, come on. Soldiers are trained fighters, not some rag-tag bunch of militiamen. They fight differently.

Other than the airport level and the fact that you fight in America for a change, the only other thing that I thought was cool was the credits. No, not because this mediocre game ended, but because they got imaginative. The end consists of a museum section dedicated to the war and the various actions of the parties involved (mainly you), and the camera travels through it, stopping at various displays dedicated to the various missions, all the while civilians walk about and discuss things. It was a very well-done ending to an otherwise ‘meh’ game.

Here’s the airport stage, set to funny music.

Multiplayer: A friend read this post and said, “Write something about the multiplayer.” OK, here goes. FUCK THE MULTIPLAYER. Yes, I know that the campaign is only 6 hours long because everyone will be playing multiplayer. That’s what they aimed for in the beginning. However, I detest playing CoD multiplayer because I find it to be like playing Halo online. Jocks, 14 year olds and retards. With CoD 6 multiplayer they made it even worse by having no dedicated server support and no modding. Instead they use this fucked-up peer-to-peer system that only works when the person hosting has sufficient bandwidth (not the case in my country). Or when your ISP doesn’t block you thinking that you’re using torrents or something. You can’t mod the game, and you can’t set up dedi servers. That means that you’re relying on IW’s bullshit anti-hack support, which is so easily bypassed that everyone is running around with maphacks and aimbots. WTF.

Well, actually you can get dedis and mods. Except you need to pirate the game. That’s right, the fucking PIRATES ARE OFFERING A BETTER PRODUCT THAN THE DEVELOPERS.


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