CSI: For the Computer Illiterate

I saw this clip, and I lolled.

I lolled hard.

I now present to you: CSI writers throwing random computer words together to sound “techie”:


Look, maybe 20 years ago they could get away with saying random shit and nobody noticing it, however this is the 21st century. People are a bit more computer-savvy now, so most will at least sense that something’s not kosher. For those that are curious about what her awesome VB IP tracker GUI must look like, clonus2006 has graciously uploaded an example:

Yeah, hardcore crime-fighting right there.

PS: if you’re not sure why her statement was so retarded, here’s an analogy: she wants to build a dashboard for her car using Amish technology in an effort to find the tire tracks of another car that’s at a rally.


Hah, someone went and created it.


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