Bad Apple On CNN

I haven’t watch CNN in ages, for the simple fact that American news reporting is generally bullshit. Turns out I’m still right. In an effort to appear relevant, up-to-date and having their finger on the “pulse” of the latest happenings, they have a short segment on the latest “viral” internet videos. “Viral” stuff is basically shit that’s become really popular naturally, eg no marketing involved. Recently they showed the hugely popular Bad Apple along with the accompanying creation video. Here’s a clip of the show in question:

I find this “news segment” to be fascinating. CNN searches for a cool-looking video that’s rather popular, says it’s gone viral and that millions are watching it (because they’d only show you the hippest things, of course) and boom! you’ve got a news report. Without any actual news or information. And people still call them journalists. Oh wow.

Actually, I’m very glad they didn’t mention Touhou. God that would just kill it for me :/ Anyway, here’s a video of the reaction (apparently) from the Japanese Touhou fanbase:

Looks like the typical fanrage. If you’re wondering why they call it “Cirno News Network”, don’t worry it took me a while to click as well. Cirno is one of the bosses from The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and ZUN described her as a moron. That’s also why they mention ‘9’s – 9 is a fanbase reference to Cirno.


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