Otaku Crossplayer Who Will Kick Your Ass

When it comes to professional fighting, your success is one-part technical ability and one-part showmanship. It’s easier to remember a fighter when he has an interesting ‘hook’, and while it’s easier to do in the combat sports that don’t take themselves too seriously (Pro Wrestling being the prime example), sometimes the fighters get creative.

Enter kickboxer Nagashima “Jienotsu” Yuichiro, who has the best hook ever. He crossplays as anime characters, most recently as Touhou characters:

According to his Wikipedia article, he’s been doing it for a while now, as he wanted to entertain the audience. Well, it looks like he’s succeeded. Here’s an interview of him (English subtitles).

Guy’s got serious balls. And if you think that he’s a gimmick fighter, he’s won 12 out of his 15 K-1 bouts. At this year’s tournament, his theme was Touhou – here’s a video of his entrances for the 3 fights:

Here’s him winning the final (he’s the dude with the red in his hair):

Diss him and he’ll fucking kick your ass.


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