Dancing Doll Dances to the Bad Apple!! Song

And it doesn’t look creepy at all. No, wait, I lie. It creeps the shit out of me for some reason.

Kudos to the puppeteer for doing a good job of making me lose sleep :p


Japan Is Not Superior

A good friend of mine did a post yesterday on why Japan isn’t as awesome as many anime fans think it is. He also mentioned an acquaintance of ours who is a heavy weeabo, which probably started his rant in the first place. I suppose that all anime fans go through the “Japan is awesome” stage, however while most leave this phase as they become older and thus more cynical and/or aware of the real world, unfortunately many never leave it. Now, I completely agree with Judge Pow3rs that Japan isn’t a land of cupcakes and rainbows (ie, it has major problems like any other country in the world), so I will expand a bit on one or two of his points and add some other stuff as well.
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Otaku Crossplayer Who Will Kick Your Ass

When it comes to professional fighting, your success is one-part technical ability and one-part showmanship. It’s easier to remember a fighter when he has an interesting ‘hook’, and while it’s easier to do in the combat sports that don’t take themselves too seriously (Pro Wrestling being the prime example), sometimes the fighters get creative.

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Nick Simmon’s Damage-Control Apology is a Pile of Crap

OK, if you haven’t heard by now, Nick Simmons plagiarised a bunch of stuff from Bleach, amongst other manga. As the resulting shitstorm grew, I was waiting to see what his official response would be. I mean, what can you say to the evidence of direct tracing of various panels? Well, he’s responded with an official statement, and boy is it stupid.

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Touhou Bad Apple!! Stylised Apple Carving

I suppose that it was bound to happen 🙂 Some talented person has gone and used stop-motion to carve some of the silhouettes from the original video into apples.

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Nick Simmons Does a Liefeld, Copies Bleach

So, you’re Nick Summons, son of aging celebrity Gene Simmons (one of the guys in the classic band KISS). You want to make it big in the comic world. That’s cool. You lack sufficient talent so you do it by plagiarizing from manga like Bleach and Hellsing. That’s not cool. And he thought that no one would notice?

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Bad Apple On CNN

I haven’t watch CNN in ages, for the simple fact that American news reporting is generally bullshit. Turns out I’m still right. In an effort to appear relevant, up-to-date and having their finger on the “pulse” of the latest happenings, they have a short segment on the latest “viral” internet videos. “Viral” stuff is basically shit that’s become really popular naturally, eg no marketing involved. Recently they showed the hugely popular Bad Apple along with the accompanying creation video. Here’s a clip of the show in question:

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CSI: For the Computer Illiterate

I saw this clip, and I lolled.

I lolled hard.

I now present to you: CSI writers throwing random computer words together to sound “techie”:

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Franken Fran – The Cute Little Mad Scientist

When I first heard of this manga, I was a bit cynical. It’s meant to be a slightly-ecchi horror comedy, however it’s a shonen manga, so it’s aimed at the 10-18 target market. That means it’ll likely be like one of the too-numerous generic stories out there with it’s cliched scenarios and character interations. Thankfully, I was wrong. Yes, it’s a shonen manga, and yes, it is a comedy, but wow is it dark.

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Merry Xmas, Everyone

Here’s some Touhou: