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Otaku Crossplayer Who Will Kick Your Ass

When it comes to professional fighting, your success is one-part technical ability and one-part showmanship. It’s easier to remember a fighter when he has an interesting ‘hook’, and while it’s easier to do in the combat sports that don’t take themselves too seriously (Pro Wrestling being the prime example), sometimes the fighters get creative.

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CSI: For the Computer Illiterate

I saw this clip, and I lolled.

I lolled hard.

I now present to you: CSI writers throwing random computer words together to sound “techie”:

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In the Next Chapter of One Piece

Friendship bracelets! Also, Pigeon Bastard.

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Good Morning, Mister Masters

Got to love these fan videos, this one being a humorous (and rather cool) tutorial on how S-Rank as Ken Masters in SF4 (and subtly pointing out one of the game’s imbalances)


So, you really like a game. Really, really like a game. Cool. You like it so much that you want to get a tattoo to show how much you like it. That’s cool too.

Except when it turns out like this:

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Why Would You Want to Launch An Anvil Into The Air?

Why the hell not?

There’s a new video sweeping around the net, born of sheer awesome manliness mixed in with the Southern US love for guns and explosive things. It is a simple video, consisting of a guy called Gay Wilkinson (no, that’s his name), a self-styled “world champion anvil shooter”, lauching an anvil 200 feet in the air. With nothing but some gunpowder.

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Windows 7 – So Good, Even Rivals Approve

What do you get when Microsoft Japan sets up a big promotion booth across the street from the conference center where their main rival (Linux) is holding a symposium?

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