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Japan Is Not Superior

A good friend of mine did a post yesterday on why Japan isn’t as awesome as many anime fans think it is. He also mentioned an acquaintance of ours who is a heavy weeabo, which probably started his rant in the first place. I suppose that all anime fans go through the “Japan is awesome” stage, however while most leave this phase as they become older and thus more cynical and/or aware of the real world, unfortunately many never leave it. Now, I completely agree with Judge Pow3rs that Japan isn’t a land of cupcakes and rainbows (ie, it has major problems like any other country in the world), so I will expand a bit on one or two of his points and add some other stuff as well.
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Otaku Crossplayer Who Will Kick Your Ass

When it comes to professional fighting, your success is one-part technical ability and one-part showmanship. It’s easier to remember a fighter when he has an interesting ‘hook’, and while it’s easier to do in the combat sports that don’t take themselves too seriously (Pro Wrestling being the prime example), sometimes the fighters get creative.

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Merry Xmas, Everyone

Here’s some Touhou:

Avatar is Overhyped and a Piece of Crap

So, everyone’s been talking about Avatar, James Cameron’s first movie in 10 years. I’ve heard it described as “epic”, “amazing”, etc, etc, but when I first saw the ads, I cringed. According to Wikipedia, the movie has been in development since 1994, but things only got going in 2005 because Cameron believe that technology needed to catch up with “his vision” of the film. Perhaps he should have used the time to not make the story suck.

I had this long essay planned where I’d rip into the sack of crap Cameron called a story, however IO9 has a much better article on it. Perhaps Cameron should of stopped doing stuff like hiring a linguistics expert to create the Na’Vi language and instead try not make the movie a cross between Dances with Wolves and Fern Gully.

At least the visuals were good.