Avatar is Overhyped and a Piece of Crap

So, everyone’s been talking about Avatar, James Cameron’s first movie in 10 years. I’ve heard it described as “epic”, “amazing”, etc, etc, but when I first saw the ads, I cringed. According to Wikipedia, the movie has been in development since 1994, but things only got going in 2005 because Cameron believe that technology needed to catch up with “his vision” of the film. Perhaps he should have used the time to not make the story suck.

I had this long essay planned where I’d rip into the sack of crap Cameron called a story, however IO9 has a much better article on it. Perhaps Cameron should of stopped doing stuff like hiring a linguistics expert to create the Na’Vi language and instead try not make the movie a cross between Dances with Wolves and Fern Gully.

At least the visuals were good.


In the Next Chapter of One Piece

Friendship bracelets! Also, Pigeon Bastard.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Meh.

Ignoring all the hype and bullshit surrounding the new CoD (I’m a cynic, so no game is going to give me orgasms, no matter what the PR guys say about it), I finally decided to play the game. And I’m not so sure why everyone is having circle jerks about it. Spoilers ahead.

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Good Morning, Mister Masters

Got to love these fan videos, this one being a humorous (and rather cool) tutorial on how S-Rank as Ken Masters in SF4 (and subtly pointing out one of the game’s imbalances)

Sequel to American McGee’s Alice In the Works

Hot damn! One of my favourite games from back in the day was American McGee’s Alice – a dark, twisted interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland story more faithful to the books than the butchered Disney version was. Turns out, McGee’s game dev company Spicy Horse is making the sequel – Return of Alice – which is set to only be released in 2011 ;( Still, here’s a cool teaser trailer:

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So, you really like a game. Really, really like a game. Cool. You like it so much that you want to get a tattoo to show how much you like it. That’s cool too.

Except when it turns out like this:

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Touhou MAD – Bad Apple!!

Ah, looks like I’m starting to go on a bit of a Touhou glut 🙂

This morning I found a new Touhou MAD (a MAD is a fan-made video, similar in idea to AMVs but are more general) called Bad Apple. Consisting of smooth, highly-stylised “silhouette art” featuring the characters, all I can say is that there is a lot of talent in Japan, and some of them are dedicated Touhou fans 🙂

Update: Looks like this video was on CNN recently.

Update 2: Looks like someone went and created a fan video where they carved the silhouettes into… an apple.

Playing Tyrian Again with OpenTyrian

Back in the day, I was addicted to a shoot ’em up called Tyrian. It was released back in ’95 by Epic MegaGames (though developed by Eclipse Productions). This morning I discovered that there is an open-source project to port this DOS classic to modern operating systems.

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Why Would You Want to Launch An Anvil Into The Air?

Why the hell not?

There’s a new video sweeping around the net, born of sheer awesome manliness mixed in with the Southern US love for guns and explosive things. It is a simple video, consisting of a guy called Gay Wilkinson (no, that’s his name), a self-styled “world champion anvil shooter”, lauching an anvil 200 feet in the air. With nothing but some gunpowder.

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Windows 7 – So Good, Even Rivals Approve

What do you get when Microsoft Japan sets up a big promotion booth across the street from the conference center where their main rival (Linux) is holding a symposium?

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