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Nick Simmon’s Damage-Control Apology is a Pile of Crap

OK, if you haven’t heard by now, Nick Simmons plagiarised a bunch of stuff from Bleach, amongst other manga. As the resulting shitstorm grew, I was waiting to see what his official response would be. I mean, what can you say to the evidence of direct tracing of various panels? Well, he’s responded with an official statement, and boy is it stupid.

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Nick Simmons Does a Liefeld, Copies Bleach

So, you’re Nick Summons, son of aging celebrity Gene Simmons (one of the guys in the classic band KISS). You want to make it big in the comic world. That’s cool. You lack sufficient talent so you do it by plagiarizing from manga like Bleach and Hellsing. That’s not cool. And he thought that no one would notice?

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