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Otaku Crossplayer Who Will Kick Your Ass

When it comes to professional fighting, your success is one-part technical ability and one-part showmanship. It’s easier to remember a fighter when he has an interesting ‘hook’, and while it’s easier to do in the combat sports that don’t take themselves too seriously (Pro Wrestling being the prime example), sometimes the fighters get creative.

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Touhou Bad Apple!! Stylised Apple Carving

I suppose that it was bound to happen 🙂 Some talented person has gone and used stop-motion to carve some of the silhouettes from the original video into apples.

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Bad Apple On CNN

I haven’t watch CNN in ages, for the simple fact that American news reporting is generally bullshit. Turns out I’m still right. In an effort to appear relevant, up-to-date and having their finger on the “pulse” of the latest happenings, they have a short segment on the latest “viral” internet videos. “Viral” stuff is basically shit that’s become really popular naturally, eg no marketing involved. Recently they showed the hugely popular Bad Apple along with the accompanying creation video. Here’s a clip of the show in question:

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Touhou MAD – Bad Apple!!

Ah, looks like I’m starting to go on a bit of a Touhou glut 🙂

This morning I found a new Touhou MAD (a MAD is a fan-made video, similar in idea to AMVs but are more general) called Bad Apple. Consisting of smooth, highly-stylised “silhouette art” featuring the characters, all I can say is that there is a lot of talent in Japan, and some of them are dedicated Touhou fans 🙂

Update: Looks like this video was on CNN recently.

Update 2: Looks like someone went and created a fan video where they carved the silhouettes into… an apple.

Wow, Touhou Graphics Have Come A Long Way

After a long hiatus, I’ve finally started playing the Touhou Project games again. Unfortunately, I only have from 6 to 11 and after watching a few videos of 12 (Undefined Fantastic Object) I really, really want to get hold of it 🙂

One thing I realised when watching the clips of UFO was that the graphics are really, really cool. Lot’s of special effects and things happening on the screen, especially compared to Touhou 6. It made me search for footage from each game to see how things progressed over time, from it’s humble roots on the weird Japanese NEC PC-9801 to today. After doing a search for videos of each game (and getting annoying with people doing voice overs or inserting their own music), I found a series of 3 videos that showcased each game released so far. Thank you, ColdAqua 🙂

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